Reasons to Choose John G. Cleminshaw, Inc.

Attention to detail and the fact that we do not cut corners are what we believe separates us from all of the other mass appraisal contractors.

Our philosophy regarding reappraisals is really rather simple. We guarantee that the job will be done properly and to the satisfaction of the County Auditor. Our corporate mandate is to provide our clients with superior, high quality mass appraisal services. We pledge to go the extra mile in always delivering more than we promise. We are unwavering in our commitment to being receptive to all client directives and feedback. We invite you to contact our clients and inquire about our commitment to an exceptional work product. We have garnered an extensive amount of experience in the implementation of the remote approach to data collection and confirmation. It almost goes without saying that when revolutionary, industry changing methodologies are employed “outside of the laboratory” – in the real world – there are bound to be a few bumpy setbacks and plenty of learning experiences. Our Company has learned much from the initial forays into remote data collection and confirmation and we know how to navigate any potential obstacles to a fully integrated technology aided Reappraisal.

Our highly qualified cadre of appraisers has accumulated, on average, more than eighteen years of experience. They are well trained and highly experienced. Our Project Managers are accredited with all State Mandated certifications necessary for the leadership and supervision of Reappraisal Projects. All projects are delivered in conformance with State, IAAO, and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice standards.

Quality Control is of paramount importance. John G. Cleminshaw, Inc. implements a variety of Quality Control measures on multiple levels as a standard operating procedure on all Reappraisal Projects. It is our belief that certifying to our clients that the work has been performed correctly helps to provide our clients with peace of mind. We strive to deliver an excellent project to all of our clients and believe that their satisfaction is our guarantee of a job well done.