"I view John G. Cleminshaw, Incorporated as a professional appraisal firm that embraces and utilizes technology, rather than a technology firm that just happens to also perform appraisals." - Dennis DeCamillo Chief Deputy, Ashtabula County Auditor's Office

All Mass Appraisal contractors are not created equally. Discover the differences.


John G. Cleminshaw, Inc. is second to none when it comes to experience in the Mass Appraisal business. Cleminshaw is the oldest name in the Mass Appraisal industry. Over the years, we have successfully delivered over 200 revaluation projects. And the average Cleminshaw appraiser has almost eighteen years of experience in the industry.


If there is one truism concerning how Mass Appraisal firms are judged, it is that reputation is everything. John G. Cleminshaw, Inc. has earned a sterling reputation with the County Auditors that we serve. Clients view us as a trusted partner in the development and implementation of their critical Reappraisal Programs. Our clients know that we will always be there for them - far beyond the point that final values are submitted to the State. It is our belief that Going the Extra Mile is exactly how a company earns the reputation that we enjoy.


John G. Cleminshaw, Inc. has built its reputation in the Mass Appraisal industry upon a solid foundation of integrity. Of course a reputation for integrity is not something that can be claimed without first earning the reputation with the clientele who are most familiar with how we operate. We encourage you to talk to our clients. They are a direct, unbiased source for learning about what our Company stands for and what our unwavering - day in and day out - commitment to integrity and the highest standards of service can do for you.


The Mass Appraisal industry is evolving at a staggering rate. There are now a variety of technology inspired tools at our disposal that when linked properly can greatly enhance both efficiencies within the Reappraisal Program, as well as the value of the end product that is presented to the public. John G. Cleminshaw, Inc. embraces the technology that is currently at our fingertips and we always have one eye cast toward what tomorrow will bring. Our relationships with our technology based Business Partners serve to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge, with access to the best "return on investment" tools available. Contact us and together we can design an efficient program that best fits your needs.


Our valued clients are consummate professionals - just like the men and women of John G. Cleminshaw, Inc. We believe that it is not a coincidence that the County Auditors who are most personally involved with their real estate duties and who have the highest standards for accuracy in their values tend to gravitate to John G. Cleminshaw, Inc. Please contact any of our clients to receive a direct evaluation of the quality services that we provide. Click on this link to find comprehensive contact information for our entire client base.


We believe that our clients are our greatest and most effective form of advertising. Afterall, the feedback that you can glean from one of our clients is unbiased and based on real world case history and experiences. Little wonder then that we do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients are satisfied. It is with great pride that we present a sampling of client testimonials. Click to read client testimonials.


You may reach us at john@johngcleminshawinc.com or by calling (888) 650-4300. Our President, John D. Cleminshaw would be more than happy to discuss any and all of the real estate valuation issues and challenges that you are facing. We look forward to presenting you with a proposal to address any of your upcoming appraisal projects.